Home Asset Management

As a custom homebuilder for over 15 years, GraceWorks Construction also offers a Home Asset Management Plan to those needing excellent care of their investment. We are experts in the area of home maintenance and have the resources to provide quality, timely services to our clients. Our plans are designed to protect homes from damage by our challenging coastal climate as well as to protect them from everyday wear and tear. We offer complete coverage of all aspects of interior and exterior property maintenance, and our plans can be customized to fit individual needs. Beginning with a thorough home inspection, inventory, and evaluation, GraceWorks develops a plan and schedule tailored to fit each client. We know that communication is essential to peace of mind, and we have made it a priority to keep our clients informed. Clients are kept apprised of the condition of their home on a regular basis, and any damage, repairs, or potential improvements will always be discussed. GraceWorks assures homeowners that their investment will be protected and managed with superior detail and attention throughout each season. We offer a multitude of services to help you with your peace of mind. Our services can be purchased individually or bundled together to better meet your needs.

Home Asset Management Plans

Set Up
  • Complete walk-thru on video of all home assets including exterior and interior.
  • Home inspection and analysis of the current condition of the exterior and interior of your home
  • Energy audit
Basic Maintenance Plan (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly)
  • Check for water leaks, flooding, broken pipes
  • Replace HVAC filters per schedule
  • Testing of all smoke detectors and home alarm systems.
  • Trash rollout and return
  • Make sure heat/AC is at correct temp
  • Resetting electric appliances/breakers from power outage/surge
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Flush/check all toilets
  • Run/check all faucets
  • Run/check irrigation system
Extended Maintenance Plan (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly)
  • Storm damage assessment
  • Storm/Hurricane preparation
  • Coordinating/Supervising service providers: Cable/Dish, HVAC, landscape/lawn maintenance, pool maintenance, pest control, home automation, etc.
  • Bill payment of service providers (if desired)
  • Landscaping including design and maintenance.
  • 24-hour key holder service, including intruder or false alarm response
  • 24-hour emergency response as needed
  • Freeze protection
  • Garage Door maintenance.
  • Hot water tank(s) maintenance.
  • Troubleshoot TV/Cable, electrical, appliance, plumbing issues
  • Golf Cart Boat/Jet Ski maintenance
  • Designing of a home plan that fits your needs as well as reminders and dates of when to schedule maintenance.
Cleaning Plan
  • Window cleaning inside and out.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly personal home cleaning and/or summer rental cleaning.
  • Appliance cleaning. No one remembers to keep the refrigerator condenser coils clean. Keeping those coils clean can help you save up to 10% on your energy bills.
Preventative Maintenance Plans
  • Pressure washing of structure and/or decks and pools.
  • Exterior and interior painting.
  • Painting of baseboards and cupboards as a touch up before and after rental season
  • External/Internal wood repairs due to weather and/or everyday usage
  • HVAC system checks
Arrival Plans
  • Adjust Air conditioning or heat thermostat settings
  • Grocery shopping/delivery
  • Special occasion set up (birthdays/holidays/etc.)
  • Bicycle/golf cart delivery
Storm/Hurricane Protection Plans
  • Cover windows and doors
  • Stow away patio and deck furniture/loose items
  • Water and electrical shutoff